How would life be if doing boring life stuff was as fun as playing a Role Playing Game?

Why don't you find out?

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The idea behind the game is pretty simple: you control a character who gains levels and money when you complete your tasks and who gets injured as you slack off.

Habit character

You have Habits, Dailies, Todos and Rewards:

Habits are general things where you can perform well or bad. When you are doing well you click the + button to gain money and experience, when you aren't you click che - button, loosing health. Example habits might be: stand straight, don't eat your fingernails etc.

Dailies are things you should complete every day. For example exercising, waking up early, washing your teeth, etc. Every night you'll gain money and experience for each completed daily and you'll loose life for the missing ones.

Habit character

Todos are one time tasks you must do. For example: buy a stereo, read this book, etc. Obviously you gain money and exp when you check off a task.

Rewards is where the fun begins: you can use your money to buy weapons, armors and potions, which will make your character stronger (...and cooler!). You can also set your own rewards: "dring a beer" for 10 gold, "watch a tv show" for 3 gold etc.

Habit character

written by Matteo Nardi